Professional References

--Dr. Pamela Barnett, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, Distinguished Professor of English at Trinity Washington University, May 12, 2014
I have learned from and worked with Tchet Dorman for seven years, during which time he has created countless opportunities for intergroup dialogue and social justice and multicultural education. He has created robust and sustainable programs, namely Temple's Certificate in Diversity Leadership that have shifted the culture at the institution, engaging faculty, staff and administrative leaders in meaningful development. As a graduate of that particular certificate program myself, I can say it has pushed me to develop myself as a person and a leader of diverse groups. I recommend it to everyone. 
For four years running, I have partnered with Tchet to facilitate a monthly meeting called "Can we Talk? Teaching Race & Diversity" that supports educators to do the challenging and important work of facilitating honest, productive dialogue for the ends of student learning. Tchet is an excellent facilitator, creating environments where people are encouraged to listen and learn, to explore ideas, as well as their own assumptions. Through this monthly meeting, he has helped to empower faculty from across the disciplines to "go there," creating opportunities for learning from and about difference. 
Tchet is tireless in his work for a "better world", and an effective and entrepreneurial leader. He is a big picture program builder, as well as a one-to-one relationship builder.

—Dr. Kevin Kumashiro, President of the National Association for Multicultural Education, and Dean of the School of Education at the University of San Francisco, August 3, 2014
I feel fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with Tchet Dorman over the past few years.  When I first joined the board of the National Association for Multicultural Education four years ago, Tchet was one of our veteran leaders, as both a regional director (east coast) and chapter leader (having held various positions in the Pennsylvania chapter of NAME).  

On the national board, Tchet’s was a voice that we could count on to advocate for a broad and inclusive vision of diversity and equity in education—with a multifaceted understanding of race/ethnicity and their intersections with other dimensions of diversity, including gender, social class, and so on.  In my second year on the board, as chair of the national conference, I worked more closely with Tchet, who chaired the local coordinating committee.  

Tchet’s vision of diversity and equity in education was, perhaps more than any other factor, influential in shaping what that conference would highlight and feel like—from the plenary sessions that featured local activists, to one of most well-received keynote speeches in recent memory (by his colleague, Professor Molefi Asante), to the artistic and cultural performances that made the conference themes more tangible and embodied, to the involvement of and support by hundreds of local teachers, students, advocates, leaders, organizations, and volunteers.  

Although his term on the board has ended, I have stayed in touch with Tchet, most recently to present a webinar on the politics of school reform that was hosted by the PA chapter of NAME.  One of the most active and impactful of the two-dozen chapters, Pennsylvania’s continues to offer a range of resources for educators locally and beyond, from its annual conference that features dozens of workshops, to webinars that make conversations with national leaders accessible to all. Tchet raises the bar for leaders and advocates who are committed to equity and social justice through multicultural education.  I continue to learn from and be inspired by him, and I look forward to seeing where he takes us next.

--Daou Hiecke, Human Resource Generalist and former Student Leader, Temple University, February 21, 2009
Tchet has been a tremendous help to Temple University as well as the surrounding Philadelphia community. He is a strong and passionate individual that has been able to unite individuals across multiple personalities and background.

--Dr. Kimmika L. H. Williams-Witherspoon, Associate Professor/Urban Theater and Community Engagement, Temple University, August 5, 2014
Over the last couple of years, I have taken a number of the Intergenerational Dialogues and Real Talk workshops that Tchet Dorman and the staff at IDEAL at Temple University regularly offer. These dialogues offer real, honest talks about Diversity and Diversity Training for teachers, administrators, and University faculty and community leaders.

A frank, honest and caring facilitator, Tchet Dorman organizes and challenges participants to be equally as frank and honest as we “unpack” our own perceptions, stereotypes and biases and then engage across differences to identify and explore commonality. Because I have been a part of a number of these sessions, they are always very professionally run, with clear identifiable protocols and outcomes.

Likewise, because I have participated in a number of these sessions, I know that Tchet goes to great lengths to vary the kinds and types of exercises and experiences that participants can have through his program. These exercises are used to develop and encourage difficult discussions in and around race, gender and class. These exercises (gleaned from African American Studies and healthcare) can sometimes feel intense; but prompt deep-tissue reflection and learning.

Some of the tensions have been funny and fun; while other sessions have been tense and reflexive; but each time I complete one, I walk away from the experience having learned more about myself and about others.

--Amanda McConnell, Former Resident Director, George Mason University, August 5, 2014
Tchet Dereic Dorman was a fantastic supervisor and mentor for me while I did a 36-hour a week internship under his leadership. Since there were no real guidelines to the projects for me to be working on, he was incredibly creative not only in providing me work around the Center for Social Justice and Multicultural Education, but in affording me the opportunity to shadow him in campus and regional meetings. I am so thankful for the opportunities that he provided me to become a better, more knowledgeable, and competent Social Justice Educator and Student Affairs Professional.

--Carolyn P. Ash, Ed.D., Managing Director, Ash Consulting Group,, August 6, 2014
I recently had the honor of planning a two-day reunion of Black Oberlin College alumni with Tchet. He very graciously offered to host the reunion at Temple University, and the gathering was a great success. Tchet's leadership, during the planning phase and the reunion itself, was so incredibly valuable. I learned a lot from Tchet, and I am a more effective leader and event organizer after working with him. Equally important, Tchet has helped me to become a more open-minded person. I am now able to reflect more deeply upon the opportunities that groups of people with diverse backgrounds and world views bring, when I previously saw those same opportunities as challenges.

I am also eternally grateful to Tchet for taking a very bare-bones agenda that I had initially developed for the gathering and putting the "meat" on those bones. He made the two-day agenda richer and full of amazing learning opportunities -- regarding ourselves and the commitment to social justice that knitted all of us together. Tchet is a gifted educator and facilitator and leads, in a compassionate and nonjudgmental way, by example. For those of us who work in the area of diversity and social justice issues, Tchet is a wonderful role model.

--Alethia Wright, Former Academic Advisor, Drexel University and Temple University, August 5, 2014
It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of reference for Tchet Dorman.  I have know Tchet professionally for over 20 years and the relationship has been one that has ever changed over time…One of the things you notice first about Tchet is his enthusiasm and ability to motivate.  He has a very creative way to have you feel encouraged, and the ability to accomplish goals in a practical way, however ambitious they may be.  However, none of this compares to his ability to engage individuals, common strangers, on the most sensitive of topics.  This is a skill that is not easy to possess while ensuring that everyone will feel honest, understood, and even open to new ideas and thoughts which isn’t easy once one has reached certain “life” milestones. I fully believe in Tchet’s professional ability to engage and facilitate conversations with individuals and groups.  Even after all these years, I still find that I look to Tchet for his advice, and counsel regarding many professional, and personal matters.  You know that you will receive practical counsel, yet encouraged to understand that you have a plan and can fully bring out any goal that you want to achieve.

--Mirangela Buggs, Director, Multicultural Affairs, Germantown Friends School, August 4, 2014
I have loved knowing and working with Tchet over the past several years. In my role as Director of Multicultural Affairs at Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia, Tchet's work at Temple has been invaluable to me and several faculty members at our school. We have been delighted to be frequently invited and to participate in Intergroup Dialogue opportunities offered by Temple. Temple's extension of its programs to the greater educational community has been something that has been welcomed and much appreciated. This kind of outreach is unprecedented and speaks to Tchet's strong work as a promoter of community-University partnerships.

I have found Tchet to be a superb facilitator, a knowledgeable social justice leader, and a warm person all around. His expertise in Intergroup Dialogue and diversity matters in education generally are highly impressive. I have always been struck by his thoughtful manner and his supportive style as a facilitator and convener.

I have also had the pleasure to participate with Tchet in the National Association for Multicultural Education's annual conference, and I have been impressed with his leadership in convening the local Pennsylvania NAME conference. In my experience, though I work in a different kind of institution, it has always made me happy to see Tchet in various social justice and diversity education circles. The connection that I and my colleagues have been able to make through Tchet's leadership has been simply great.

--Rochelle Peterson, Owner, Perceptions Unlimited, September 12, 2012
Tchet Dereic Dorman is a gifted trainer and facilitator. I have had the pleasure of co-facilitating with him and have learned a lot from him. His genuine caring and expertise in diversity and social justice education translate into exceptionally high quality service and fun filled experiences. We are currently working together on the National Association for Multicultural Education 2012 Conference local planning committee. Tchet oversees the committee and continually demonstrates his passion for social justice, commitment to excellence and to the educational development of all people.

--Amy Lazarus, Executive Director, International Institute for Sustained Dialogue, May 4, 2009
Tchet is conference master extraordinaire - he organized and ran the PA-NAME conference with a keen eye for details, as well as comprehensive content demonstrating his commitment to education and social justice. At the actual event, he kept energy high and facilitated helpful introductions. It is a pleasure working with Tchet.

--Tasha Lebow, Former President, National Association for Multicultural Education, April 14, 2009
Tchet Dorman is a highly energetic, dedicated educator and activist, with whom I have had the pleasure to work on the national NAME board. He has orchestrated and implemented outstanding state education conferences and summer institutes to help spread the message and methods of multicultural, social justice-focused education that better serves all learners. His warmth and friendliness are only eclipsed by his depth of commitment and passion for the work. I am indeed honored to call Tchet both friend and colleague.

--Joan Maze, Director of Campus Activities and Operations, Macalester College, July 7, 2014
The intergroup dialogue training provided was very beneficial in helping us develop our program at Towson. Tchet and the other facilitators were extremely knowledgeable and adept at dealing with the issues and concerns that were brought up during the exercises.

--Michael Szekely, Coordinator, Center for Internships and Career Development, Temple University, June 17, 2014
A committed, dedicated, and thoughtful professional who has (almost single-handed at times, it seems) kept the deeply significant presence of initiatives concerning areas such as cross-cultural understanding, diversity, and inter-group dialogue (among others) alive and well at Temple University. 

--Kristine Chin, Student and Community Development Professional, Founding President of the Temple University Asian American Student Union, February 26, 2009
I don’t think I have ever met someone so dedicated to his students and the issue of diversity as Tchet. And he takes his job very seriously with a wonderfully optimistic attitude and warm personality. Tchet was very involved as our advisor for our then newly-formed Asian Student Association, guiding and encouraging us to transform our ideas into action. But he also knew when to step aside and push us to take the lead. Tchet was great to work with and learn from. Personally, I am a better leader because of him.

--Paul Culbreth, Director of Student Engagement & Multicultural Affairs at Thaddeus Stevens College, September 15, 2008
Tchet is a detailed oriented individual that has the leadership qualities we most desire. His knowledge and intellect in the area of diversity education is to be revered. He is a people person with sound reasoning skills. I feel honored to speak on behalf of Tchet.

--Heather Diritto, Academic Skills Coach at Penn State Mont Alto, September 13, 2008
Tchet Dorman was a wonderful supervisor to have during my five-month internship at the OMCA. While he constantly had his hands in multiple projects at one time, he always made the time to provide me personalized attention and structured feedback as an intern. I view him as a forward-thinking activist, as he spends every day fighting for social justice on both Temple's campus and surrounding communities. In the short time that I was an intern under his wing, I learned of his genuine character and his true devotion to the students and the work that he does.

--Xay Chongtua, Assistant Director, Franklin & Marshall College, September 14, 2008
Tchet Deric is a very dedicated and inclusive leader and team player. An excellent example has been illustrated in his work in PALOMA Central. PALOMA Central is collaboration of central Pennsylvania colleges of people interested and committed to multicultural services. At the time, I was entering the field. Tchet really took the time to help new members in the field feel welcome as a mentor and he extended the same warm down to earth personality in working with students. In working with him more on PALOMA projects, I found examples of his dedication and inclusive in how he made every moment a teachable moment not only to students or to others but with him too. Tchet crystallized the concept life is an ongoing education and he made it fun to learn with him.

--James Felton, Chief Diversity Officer, Anne Arundel Community College, September 13, 2008
Tchet is a well-regarded expert in the field of diversity who commands a favorable level of respect and admiration from his peers. Anyone fortunate to work with Tchet will find him to be a highly credible, energetic, and passionate scholar-practitioner. He has a penchant for social justice, campus diversity, and strategic planning. His ability to develop genuine and mutually-beneficial relationships with a variety of constituents has made him an invaluable asset to the higher education, non-profit, and corporate community. I endorse him without reservation.

--Diane Elliott, Director of Diversity and Assistant Professor of Social Work, Elizabethtown College, August 20, 2014
I have worked with Tchet Dorman for several years in a variety of capacities.   I met Tchet in 2007 while working with the Pennsylvania Association of Liaisons and Offices of Multicultural Affairs (PALOMA).  Tchet and I have collaborated on numerous projects such as social justice retreats for students, workshops, conferences, and faculty/staff development trainings.

Tchet works tirelessly to advance issues of diversity and social justice.  His innovation and creativity are admirable, and he is often at the cutting edge of new ideas and initiatives.  I have been both a participant in his workshops, and a partner on various projects.  Tchet has been invited to my campus on numerous occasions, both as a presenter and trainer. He is prepared when facilitating groups and is masterful when engaging diverse participants around topics of diversity and social justice.

Tchet is an innovator, educator, and leader.  He has outstanding skills and qualities, which enable him to garner buy-in from his colleagues and others.   Tchet has organized state, and national conferences; led difficult dialogues, and pulled hundreds of professionals together in Pennsylvania to address issues of diversity.  Tchet has led regional and national chapters of organizations, and held positions on national boards.  Tchet’s work is undeniably commendable, and I have been both energized and inspired by him.  I consider Tchet to be an outstanding professional, but more importantly, a wonderful colleague.

--Jeff Snyder, Director Music Industry Program - Lebanon Valley College, October 26, 2008 
I worked with Tchet on a year-long committee that tackled tough issues here at the college. I found his work to be thoughtful, educational, and beneficial. I have a great amount of respect for him. He would be an asset to any endeavor he is part of.

--Susan Asbury - Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities, Elizabethtown College, September 9, 2014
Tchet has provided the Engaging Diversity for Student Leadership Development workshop for Elizabethtown College resident assistants on several occasions. He creates an open forum for discussion and facilitates an exchange of perspectives and ideas. Our student leaders often walk away still discussing the topics addressed and carry the activities with them in their interactions with residents and classmates.

--Sandra Gonzalez-Torres, Director of Academic Success Initiatives, Community College of Philadelphia, September 9, 2014
Tchet is an organized, creative leader who is open to collaboration so as to develop new ways to connect with others. He is knowledgeable, approachable, cares about others and is open to genuine feedback. Because of this, he is an effective trainer and workshop leader. In his Real Talk, Train-the-trainer, Intergroup Dialogues and other workshops, he creates an open and safe space for genuine dialogue and healthy conflict allowing group members to learn about diversity and themselves. He listens to the group and is able to guide them from where they start to new depths.